Feedback and surveys

We ask residents all the time about how we can improve our services. A survey only takes a few minutes to fill in and your views shape the services we provide. You can see on this page where we you can respond to a current consultation and how we are using what you have told us in previous consultations.

We also have a feedback form where you can give us your feedback on anything that matters to you.

We have open consultations that you can take part in:

There are no open consultations.

Consultations over the last six months when you have told us what you think:

Repairs appointment template (Tone of Voice) - April 2022

When a resident books a repair, and we don’t have a mobile number for them, we send a letter confirming the date and time of the appointment.

Thanks to the 148 residents who told us what you thought about this letter. You were supportive of the tone the letter. You did tell us that calling the appointment ‘provisional’ was confusing. We’re removing that to make it clearer.

Helping us shape how we engage with you (Resident Engagement) - February and March 2022

A big thank you to the more than 3,000 residents who responded. The consultation closed on 11 March and we are pulling together the results.

This will give us fantastic basis for our new Resident Engagement Strategy – ‘A conversation with Sanctuary’, which we will be launching in the summer. The strategy will be crucial to how we best engage with you in the future. You’ll hear much more about that in this in the coming months.

Helping us improve our website – February 2022

Over the last year more than 300 residents have helped us design this new website. The overwhelming response is how much simpler and attractive to use it is.

In February, we had webinars with 14 residents who told us what they thought of the site just before it went live.

We again received a lot of positive feedback around how clear and friendly the site is. We had really  useful views about how we need to recognise tenants and homeowners’ will want to use the  for different purposes, and about some of the forms on the site.

Before the site went live, we have used what you told us to make changes, particularly the information for homeowners.

How we let you know about energy improvement works to your home – January 2022

94 residents said they were interested in telling us their views about the letter our contractors CCS send about upcoming improvement works. We had detailed replies from 17 residents. Most said the letter was clear and easy to understand. 

Based upon your feedback, we are looking at improving the letter so it has more information about CCS e.g., “Correct Contract services (CCS) provides the social housing sector with Gas, Renewable Energy and Electrical installation and maintenance. We are helping Sanctuary to improve the energy efficiency of your homes.’ 

Rent and other charge letter template (Tone of Voice) – December 2021

Thanks for helping us shape how we inform you about changes to your rent and other charges.

127 residents told us what you thought about the letter we send to inform customers of changes to your rent and other charges. You told us the letter was clear and the struck pretty much the right tone.

You also said we should:

  • Provide some overall explanations for why rent/other charges are changing.
  • Provide details of what anyone should do if they are struggling to pay (including advice and support available).
  • Use more bullet points help make the letter even easier to digest.

We have addressed those points in the new letter we are using this year.

Thank you as well to the more than 60 of you who said you would be interested in joining an editorial panel. We are meeting with new panel of 13 residents in April.

Helping shape how we deal with complaints (Complaints) – October 2021

We asked 1,000 residents to share their views on complaint handling so we could understand the most important things to residents. 150 residents replied with feedback and thoughts.

Using the feedback, we’ve been looking at how we can improve. Here’s what we’re proposing:

  • Reduction in acknowledgement timescales
  • Improved transparency on our website of the process – easier to find and full description of the complaints process
  • Easier online complaint logging
  • Training of all front line teams on the complaint process
  • Introduce clearer timescales, notifications and reminders built into our IT system
  • Better reporting and visibility of complaints against timescales at all levels
  • Embedded ownership and escalation processes with operations
  • Change of language – move away from FLR and Investigation to Stage 1 and Stage 2
  • Case remain open until issues are resolved

We are now holding some webinars to hear what you think of what we are proposing.