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Sheltered housing

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Our sheltered housing allows tenants to live independently with our support.

Tenants have their own accommodation with a front door and key. Additional services include staff support and a 24-hour emergency alarm system.

For issues relating to your tenancy please phone 0800 131 3348.

Find Sheltered housing

You can find our available Sheltered Housing properties on the These Homes website. You will need to register an account or log in to be able to apply for a property.

Rent and payments

In most cases there are four elements to your rental charge:


This is the cost of renting your property.


These are the associated costs of living in your scheme, including gardening, cleaning and maintenance of communal areas.


The cost of any support you receive, including some scheme manager costs.


The cost of the emergency response system.

Scheme managers

The scheme manager is your key contact for any issues relating to your scheme.

Your scheme manager will:

  • Welcome you when you move in

  • Show you the communal areas and facilities

  • Demonstrate the 24-hour emergency response system (if applicable)

  • Provide information on local services (including doctors, bus routes and shops)

  • Tell you about any scheme activities (including outings, leisure activities and parties)

  • Devise a support plan to help you live independently

  • Respond to on-duty emergencies and call for medical assistance if you fall ill

  • Contact your family with your consent to make the best arrangements for your care

  • Visit you regularly to check you are well (if requested)

  • Discuss any concerns you have, at a time convenient to you

  • Provide details of your scheme’s out-of-hours and emergency procedures

Your scheme manager cannot:

  • Accept gifts from you or your family

  • Help you clean your home (but can help you find someone to clean it)

  • Collect your pension or handle financial affairs

  • Collect prescriptions, except in an emergency

  • Cook or shop for you

  • Administer any medication

  • Assist you when off-duty


  • Emergency response system

    All of our developments provide an emergency response (or ‘pull cord’) system.

    This system allows you to speak directly to your scheme manager when they are on duty.

    It also allows you to summon help in an emergency.

    If you have a hard-wired alarm system, you will find pull cords around the scheme and within your home.

    You should only use this system in an emergency.

    Emergencies can include:

    • Medical issues, like accidents or sudden illness
    • Intruders or antisocial behaviour, in or around the building

    The emergency response centre can also make checks on request if you need extra support.

  • Communal facilities

    Your scheme manager will provide information on communal facilities and any social activities and clubs.

    Remember, other residents and guests use these facilities too – please leave these areas clean and tidy.

    Any issues with the facilities should be raised with your scheme manager.

    Please note:

    • It is against the law to smoke in communal areas
    • Communal areas cannot be used to store your personal items
  • Parking

    If parking spaces are available, they are rarely allocated to individual residents.

    Residents with valid badges can park in designated disabled bays.

    Please ask family members and other visitors to respect other residents’ needs.

  • Television

    If your scheme is entitled to a concessionary licence, any cost for this may be collected by your scheme manager.

  • Security

    We want your scheme to remain safe and secure at all times.

    You can help us achieve this by:

    • Closing doors behind you
    • Asking for identification before allowing others access to your building
    • Keeping the door to your home locked at all times
    • For security reasons, a limit is placed on the number of keys issued to each resident. As a result it is not always possible for you to give additional keys to relatives or friends.
  • Master key

    Some schemes have a master key to access flats in an emergency.

    We will only use the master key to enter your home if:

    • You give your permission
    • There is an emergency

    To ensure we can access your home in an emergency, please do not fix additional bolts to your door or leave the key in the lock.

Personal information

Your support plan contains personal information, including your health and next of kin.

With your agreement this information may be shared with others to ensure our services are appropriate for you.

Your information is held securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act (opens in new window).

You can access this information any time you wish.