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Before moving into a new home, you will have signed a contract. This may be a tenancy agreement or lease depending on the type of home that you have.

This is a legal document that sets out in detail what we expect of you, and what you can expect from us. Managing your home and making sure you are happy as a Sanctuary tenant is a joint responsibility. We need to work together.

This page explains some of the key responsibilities we both have towards one another.

Please read your tenancy agreement or lease carefully so you know your responsibilities in full. The information below provides an overview of your responsibilities.

Our responsibilities:

As your landlord, we are responsible for:

  • Providing you with information on our services

  • Carrying out any necessary repairs (where we are responsible) within a fixed timescale

  • Providing you with the information we have about you

  • Consult you on any changes to your rent or service charges

  • Keep communal areas clean and tidy (if we charge you for this service)

  • Allow you to swap homes with a housing association or local authority tenant, if specified in your tenancy agreement and with our written permission

  • Address your complaint if we fail to deliver any aspect of our service

  • Give notice of any legal proceedings

  • Give at least one month’s notice of any changes in rent or service charges

  • Keep your data and information safe and secure

Your responsibilities

As a tenant, you are responsible for:

  • Paying your rent and other charges on time

  • Using your home as your only or principal home

  • Be a good neighbour, taking responsibility for the behaviour of anyone living with you, plus any pets or visitors

  • Park considerately

  • Ask for permission for relevant things.

  • Give us at least 4 weeks notice if you intend to move out. Please refer to your tenancy agreement.

  • Being respectful to our staff and contractors

  • Allowing us access to your home to complete repairs and safety work

  • Keeping your home, garden and communal areas in good order

  • Reporting repairs in a timely manner or as soon as they occur