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Repair responsibilities for homeowners

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As a homeowner, there will be repairs to your home that will be your responsibility. The exact responsibilities are explained in your lease or transfer agreement. The information below is only intended to be a helpful guide.

There are many factors which determine who is responsible for repairs and maintenance, but in general terms, the following applies to leasehold properties. 

House or bungalow

What are you responsible for?

If you live in a leasehold house or bungalow, you are generally responsible for all the repairs to your home, regardless of what share of your home you own.

This includes:

  • All repairs and maintenance in your home and your garden.

  • Keeping your home in good decorative order.

  • If you live in a newly-built property, the developer who built your home may be responsible for some repairs for a limited period of time. For more details, see the information on new homes below

What are we responsible for?

If you live in a leasehold house or bungalow, you are generally responsible for all the repairs to your home. Therefore, we wouldn’t be responsible for completing any repairs to your home.


What are you responsible for?

You are responsible for the all internal maintenance to your home. We have explained more below about what our responsibilities are.

The exact details of our responsibilities will be detailed in your lease.

What are we responsible for?

If you own a flat, we are generally responsible for keeping the structure and outside of your home and block in a good state of repair.

This includes:

  • The roof

  • Outside walls; this may include exterior doors, flat front doors and windows, (it’s important to refer to your lease to clarify), including necessary painting and decoration

  • Shared drains, gutters and outside pipes

  • Shared or communal pathways, steps or other access routes

  • Shared entrances, stairways, halls and passageways

  • Estate grounds and block lighting

  • Lifts

  • Rubbish chutes, bins or other facilities for storing rubbish

  • Shared aerials

New Homes

During the defects Liability Period the builder of your home is responsible for making good any defects that arise.  All defects should be reported to Sanctuary, who will arrange for the builder to attend to them.   Homeowners should never report issues directly to the builder. 

Report a repair

If you are a Sanctuary customer or Swan tenant and you need to raise a repair, please fill out our repairs webform by clicking the 'Report a repair' button below.