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Authority To Disclose Information To A Third Party

Third Party Authority

Adding a third party to your account means you are giving permission to Sanctuary to disclose information to the named individual or organisation.

It is important that we know who will have access to your account, what we can discuss with them and for how long you would like the Third Party Authority to be in place.

These details will enable us to confirm security checks with the caller to ensure they are the named Third Party.

Permission to add a third party can only be given by those named on the Tenancy Agreement.

  • Please answer all the questions on the form.
  • The request must come from the lead or co tenant.

Next of Kin (NOK)

  • Please answer all questions on the form.
  • The request must come from the lead or co tenant.

Power of Attorney

We do not send out POA forms, these can be obtained from the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) in England or the Scottish Government Public Guardian website

If you already have POA, we need to see a full copy of the Power of Attorney documentation. Please upload a scan or photograph of the document.

Once documentation is received it will need to be verified by checking with the OPG (Office Of Public Guardian) before it is added to the account.

Please click the button below to submit a webform to request permission for a third party to be added to your account.

Request authority To disclose information to a third party

Submit a third party request webform