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Report a communal repair

Our Customer Hub is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The easiest way to report a non-emergency repair is to complete our report a repair form.

You can also report a repair by:

Whenever you contact us, please tell us:

  • Your name, address, postcode, contact phone number and email address
  • Details of the repair or fault
  • If you are hard of hearing or need time to get to your door

If we are responsible for the repair, we will arrange for someone to attend the property to fix the problem.

Anyone visiting your home on our behalf will carry photographic identification. If someone cannot prove who they are:

  • Do not allow them to enter your home
  • Alert the Customer Hub immediately

Buildings insurance

Many factored owners of flatted properties have the opportunity to join our competitively priced building insurance policy.

To find out more, email our Factoring Team at or phone 0800 131 3348.

Contents insurance

You are encouraged to take out a contents insurance policy to cover your possessions, carpets and fittings.

You can buy contents insurance from all leading insurance companies.

Pay your Factoring invoice

There are many ways you can pay your factoring invoices:

  • Paying via your online banking is one of the most convenient ways to pay your invoice.  Our account details are printed on your invoice, or you can contact our Factoring Team who can assist you.
  • Another convenient method of payment is by direct debit or standing order. Please contact our Factoring Team who can assist you.
  • Pay using your debit or credit card by calling our Factoring Team on 0800 131 3348.
  • Pay by cheque to the address on your invoice and make cheques payable to ‘Sanctuary Scotland’.
  • Pay using your Allpay card.  If you need a new or replacement card, please contact our Factoring Team.
  • Please quote your factoring account reference for all payments, which can be found on your factoring invoice

Selling your property

If you are planning to sell, or are in the process of selling your property, you must inform your solicitor that your property is factored and provide them with our Factoring Team contact details. Your solicitor must then contact us in writing no less than 7 days prior to your sale completing advising of the proposed date of sale and who the property is due to be sold to. We have a sales procedure which will be followed on receipt of the information from your Solicitor. Please contact our Factoring Team if you would like further information.

Contact the Factoring Team

Our Factoring Team are available Monday to Friday 9am -5pm.

To contact them about your account:

Property Factor Registration number

In case you need it, our Property Factor Registration number is: PF000124.