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How is Sanctuary reducing its environmental impact?

6th October 2022

Sanctuary Scotland

Preview of the Sanctuary Environmental Impact report

We’ve published a new Environment and Climate Change Strategy to hold ourselves accountable as we strive to become a more sustainable organisation.

Last year, we committed to halving our emissions by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2050. The new strategy documents the progress we have made so far.

Having already reduced our carbon footprint by 27 per cent we’re monitoring a range of more than 90 of our environmental projects, including heating pilots, new build development plans and biodiversity initiatives.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve retrofitted around 1,000 of our homes with a mix of various insulation upgrades, window and door replacements, draught-proofing, ventilation, renewable heat pumps and solar panels.

Engaging with our employees and residents about the strategy is also of great importance, with webinars and training on offer to staff and ‘Community of Interest’ meetings attended by almost 100 residents.

Dylan Asphar, Community of Interest lead, said: “I was daunted to see the scale of the climate change challenge, particularly when looking at Sanctuary’s indirect emissions and the emissions from its homes. But I am delighted to see that Sanctuary is committed to taking action and that we will have chance to scrutinise the work."

Donna Williams, Group Director – Sustainability and Climate Change, said: “While we still have a way to go, I’m proud of the significant progress we have made in 12 months, and I would like to thank the employees and residents who have helped us make positive steps.   

“These meaningful, evidence-led commitments provide a solid trajectory for reaching net zero carbon emissions before 2050.”

Read more in our Environment and Climate Change Strategy 2022.