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Support we offer

We want to make opportunities to get involved with us flexible for you.  

The biggest time commitment is with National Resident Scrutiny Panel. They meet about once a month, mostly online. Our Homeowners’ Forum meets four times a year. Other than that, we set-up specific workshops e.g. when we are checking out services with residents. Again, these are usually online. 

For anyone who volunteers time for designing or scrutinising our services, we cover ‘out of pocket’ expenses e.g. travel and we help with other things where there is a specific need e.g. childcare costs, training with technology. We follow government guidance on what support is allowed for anyone receiving benefits. 

Sanctuary Residents’ Academy 

We run a specific course for residents to develop knowledge and skills for scrutiny. We call this ‘Sanctuary Residents’ Academy’. 

We have come up with this with the Chartered Institute of Housing. It is a formal ‘Level 2’ qualification the same as good GCSE grades. So it could help with employment too. 

You would have to do three modules, each with an online tutorial taught by our in-house teams or external experts, with an assignment. 

Some of our National Resident Scrutiny Panel have just got their certificates. You can hear about their experience in Graham's blog

We can’t offer places for everyone, so if you are interested to find out more, please click the button below.

Find out more about Sanctuary Residents' Academy