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Adaptations, Alterations and Improvements

Please use this form to make a request to make alterations or improvements to your tenancy.

Permission is not required for Smart Meters, water meters (unless water charges are part of the rent charges) and Virgin Media broadband installations.

We will not unreasonably withhold permission, however, we reserve the right to refuse your request to make alterations to your property. 

This may be due to the following reasons.

  • Alterations may make the property unsuitable for future customers 
  • Pose a health and safety risk
  • Are likely to be objected to by your neighbours
  • Fail to meet, or show how they would meet building or planning regulations
  • Not in keeping with the rest of the property
  • Risk weakening the structure of the building
  • We will give a full explanation if your application is refused. 

By completing and submitting this form, you are agreeing to our Privacy statements.

Alterations and Improvements

Step 1: Personal Details

Please ensure that all relevant sections of the form are completed in line with the following:

  • Detailed plans/specification of the proposal (showing layout & measurements)
  • Photographs if applicable (for example of proposed new flooring / new kitchen / bathroom)
  • Contractor details (all work is to be undertaken by qualified/competent people)
  • If work is proposed to the exterior of the property, please provide evidence this has been discussed with your neighbours.
Personal Details
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