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Our focus on what’s important to you

1st July 2024

Sanctuary Scotland

A mother and daughter sat next to each other smiling at the camera, the older woman is sat in a wheelchair

We’ve worked with our Resident Advisory Panel and more than 5,000 other customers on a framework to put you at the heart of all we do.

Our Customer Outcomes Framework is based on the things you told us you consider most important.

The framework supports a set of outcomes designed to make you feel proud, respected and safe:

I feel proud

  • I live in a good quality, affordable home
  • My home and communal areas are well-maintained
  • Sanctuary helps me and my community to thrive
  • Repairs are of a good standard and completed in a timely way

I feel respected

  • I am treated with empathy, fairness and respect
  • Sanctuary keeps their promises to me
  • Sanctuary puts things right if they go wrong, using my feedback to drive change
  • I am provided with a personalised service that is accessible to me

I feel safe

  • I feel safe and secure in my home
  • I feel supported if my situation changes and things get tough
  • Sanctuary takes all necessary actions to keep me safe
  • I feel supported if I experience anti-social behaviour

Each outcome has a clear measure to help us communicate how we’re performing and also where we need to improve.