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Reflecting on Grenfell seven years on

14th June 2024

Sanctuary Scotland

A green heart

The tragic fire at Grenfell Tower on 14 June 2017, where 72 people lost their lives, is remembered as the worst fire in social housing history.

Seven years on from the devastating event, we think of those who were lost, their loved ones and the communities who are grieving.

The anniversary offers a poignant moment to reflect on the changes we’ve made since, to ensure our homes are safe places for our customers to live.

Gemma Beadling-Strade, our National Head of Compliance Delivery - Housing and Property, said: “We’re committed to providing safe and secure homes for our customers and working with the wider sector to do all we can to ensure nothing like Grenfell ever happens again.

“Our customers’ safety at home will always be our top priority and this anniversary is a powerful reminder that our work in this area is of the utmost importance.”