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MP visits development of ‘greener’ new affordable homes

23rd June 2022

Sanctuary Scotland

Craig Moule, Nigel Huddleston and Mark Battin in high vis jackets standing in front of the Evesham development.

At a time of rising energy bills, the new builds being developed by Sanctuary will offer residents the chance to live in more energy efficient homes which have less impact on the environment.

Mid-Worcestershire MP Nigel Huddleston met with Sanctuary Group Chief Executive Craig Moule last week to see progress on the 76-home development and learn more about the construction process.

The modular houses are built around a galvanised steel frame in a factory setting and the completed sections are transported to site before being craned into position. They are, on average, developed twice as fast as a traditional build home.

Lifecycle carbon emissions from the homes are 12 per cent lower than a traditionally constructed property, with an average energy consumption of 20 per cent less, meaning lower bills for residents.

The enhanced building fabric of the homes means they exceed building standards by a fifth. Their steel-framed structure and construction indoors reduces shrinkage cracks in the walls compared to traditional building methods.

The 72 modular properties, and four traditionally built flats, will include homes for rent, shared ownership and open market sale and are set for completion later this year.

The homes are being constructed by Sanctuary’s development partner, ilke Homes and 50 of the affordable homes have received grant funding through the Homes England Strategic Partnership programme.

Nigel Huddleston MP commented, “It was a pleasure to meet the Sanctuary team delivering these new homes and see progress on the development. The innovative methods of construction will make this a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly housing scheme which will be a welcome addition to the local community.”

Craig Moule, Sanctuary Group Chief Executive, said: “Our mission is to build affordable homes and sustainable communities where people choose to live, and Green Vale is a perfect example of this.

“This is Sanctuary’s first fully modular development and demonstrates our commitment to delivering high quality new homes for local people, while reducing our environmental impact and becoming a net zero carbon organisation by 2050.”

Tom Heathcote, Executive Director of Development at ilke Homes, added: “We’re delighted to be delivering a development led turnkey solution for Sanctuary. Sanctuary is one of the UK’s most forward-thinking housing associations and has rightly identified the need to invest in greening its portfolio as a means of drastically cutting carbon emissions and tackling fuel poverty. Our sustainable, high-quality solution will help Sanctuary do just that and we look forward to working closely with the organisation to help deliver its next-generation affordable homes.”