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Sanctuary’s Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap Report 2022 published

24th March 2023

Sanctuary Scotland

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Sanctuary’s Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap Report 2022 has been published today.

All companies with a headcount of 250 or more employees must report annually how they pay men and women. There is no requirement to publish our ethnicity pay gap, but we choose to publish this information and bring the two together into one document.

This report is based on Sanctuary’s pay and bonus data as at the snapshot date of 5 April 2022.

Gender pay looks at the difference between average male and female earnings across a group of workers, regardless of the role they are in, while ethnicity pay gap looks at the earnings of different ethnic groups. Our whole workforce at the time of reporting on our gender pay gap was 11,137 people. The ethnicity pay gap report captures a slightly higher number at 11,370 as it includes workers in business entities that have a headcount of less than 250. 2,221 were from ethnic minority groups, 8,396 were white, and 753 chose not to share their ethnicity.

Gender pay gap

Our median pay gap varies by business entity from -0.1% in Sanctuary Care Property (workers in care homes and supporting services) to 26.6% in Sanctuary Maintenance (maintenance operatives, gas engineers, cleaners and facility managers).

In common with many large UK employers, our analysis shows that where a gender pay gap exists this is because there are more women in the lowest paying roles and fewer women in the highest paying roles. We recognise this as a challenge and remain committed to supporting women across the organisation to advance their careers.

As Sanctuary works across a variety of industries, we have a diverse workforce and women are under-represented in some areas and men in others, which is something we are working to address.

Ethnicity pay gap

Our median ethnicity pay gap overall is small at 0.6%. This is because the ethnic minority and white employees are fairly evenly distributed, proportionally, across all four quartiles.

Inclusion for all

At Sanctuary our goal is to be a diverse, inclusive organisation where our people thrive and respond to our customers with fairness and empathy. As outlined in our equality, diversity and inclusion strategy ‘Inclusion for all’, we are committed to improving our equality data insight to help us make meaningful progress.

Read Sanctuary’s Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap Report 2022